Fortunately, nothing was stolen from the house, but officials have advanced several theories about the reasons for the attack, including one that Sinelitzky was the real target of the intruders, although “he” does not live t. When Totiana Singers’ father-in-law came to check on the house, “he” confronted one of the suspects, with whom a fight ensued. From what I hear, the intruders hoped to find Blueface in the house. Do you think the perpetrators were expecting to see Blueface when they entered the house? Or was the attack just a random incident? Let us know in the comments. Blueface’s stepfather was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment of “his” injuries, after which “he” was released. Saffold and “her” boyfriend found the rear window shattered, but the assailants fled before more damage could be done. The couple was in a house owned by the rapper when they heard the sound of shattered glass coming from the house. The four suspects allegedly fled before police were called again. Hours later, another attack was made on Golubev’s home. Police were called and reported the incident. He reportedly suffered a concussion and blood on “his” face required 10 stitches near “his” left eye.