When I kill myself, I wait for a click in my head and long for reasonable things. The moment comes. When will you come? Everything waswaiting I don’t know why I have to push or pull? Locked, locked in a cage, lying. A policeman sits on a man’s neck untilthis man’ dies, who does this? Everything started to disappear. It was a funny song that I forgot, I could never perform it live. “Slow Release” is just a song that won’t change anything, but maybe it’s about all these things. Espadas del Bosque breathes fresh air on the track, as always carefully and with difficulty. Neneh Cherry introduced two new remixes on “Broken Politics” in Bandcamp. To read this article again, go to My Profile and then to the Recorded Stories page. Meanwhile, I remembered a beautiful remix with your name on it. 2020 Conde Nast. Finally you can listen to this collaboration! Here is a modest donation from us. Listen below and buy in Bandcamp. Optically and acoustically it is always interesting.

Forest Swords Remixes Locked