Rakim started playing the saxophone at the age of 14 and studied with people like Max Roche Donald Bird and Milt Hinton. W. also participated in several recordings of the U-Tang clan and worked on television and film, as well as with large groups in many of the best nightclubs in New York City. Singing enthusiasts will be glad to know that “he” was covered by the versatile saxophonist and musician from Brooklyn RAKIEM WALKER. His resume includes performances in bands such as Bluesyde, Soul 4 Real and hip-hop band The Spooks. He is currently directing a RAKIEM WALKER PROJECT with an album that will be available soon. The supposed side of “B” is a close reshuffle of R&B, “Good Life”. Mrs. Ryann is back on the microphone. Registration will only take a few minutes and will give you more opportunities.