VH1 caught up with the reality star about her real feelings for Flav, her failed friendship with Pumkin, and continuing her reality TV career with her sisters on her new series It Takes A Sister.

Flavor of Love came around before reality TV was a business platform, what was it like living in that house with the other girls? Was it truly real?Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander: It was so new, like reality everything, especially the type of show that we were doing and it was new for us.

To stand on that podium with 19 other girls, not knowing who was going to walk through the door was crazy.

Did you realize when you were taping that you were making TV history? That some of these moments would go down in reality TV history?I could not tell you the dynamic that it would bring afterwards, but that was something crazy, but being in that situation I knew that something great was happening, even though I couldn’t put my finger on it.

Standing t when Pumkin did spit in New York’s face and that is something that I couldn’t even predicted, even though I know how crazy New York is and I know how crazy Pumpkin was.

How much of New York was real and how much do you think was a character put on for the cameras?I gotta tell you that girl will do anything to make it a point to be noticed, but the thing about it was it wasn’t half way through the show that I noticed that she completely flipped the switch.

Let’s flash forward, tell me about how you came to get a reality show with your sister on Oxygen?Given the fact that I have done two shows, one being a challenging show and one being a competitive show and winning them, so okay it was time to do something different and I wanted to produce something and be behind the scenes.

I always had to chose the best things for me and make the right decisions and it will keep just going on and on and a lot of people get on reality TV and think like, “Oh wow I’m a star now” and I always think way beyond that.