This visually stunning table is realistic, with technical flaws that are interesting to see, and realistic in service. We have heard old tunes that bring back old memories, such as “Be Free, A Way” from “The Terror” (2013) and “It’s Summertime” from “Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots” (2002). Video : Watching Hot Lips play at a small table in Wayne Coyne’s house, for 10 years was preparing for this era of social distance. Watch the series “Hot Lips” in bubbles for our tiny quarantine table. In the near future, the series Tiny Desk Quarantine will work from home. I don’t think it’s too much to say it’s one thing to go to a stoned “Fire Lips” concert. Fire Lips has always taken surrealism. At concerts, “she” went with outstretched hands above the heads of fans who loved her. Drugs are definitely part of the culture, and the new American Head songs are all about drugs. Wayne Coyne has been doing it in a bubble for over ten years. It’s songs for the lost, for dreamers who take an overdose, for the wounded, for the victims. It’s the same mind – disassembled sets, intimate setting – just another room. This is a thoughtful gift from a band that never stops giving. Once upon a time it was new; today it seems to be looking to the future.