Fivio Foreign claims that Kanye West add to a strict dress code during the filming of Donda. Fivio had some of the best verses on Donda, and “he” spent a lot of time with Ye. Some people like to record with the only engineer in the room, while others prefer to bring a group of people into the studio to convey an authentic atmosp. Everyone should use Fivio merchandise, “he” told DJ Sour Milk and Justin Credible. Give us Yeezys, pants-something like black cargos-and then Donda shirts. T were bulletproof vests with Donda printed on them, but it looks like everyone could also grab a pair of Yeezys. Kanye West is known for sticking to strict rules during recording sessions. Fivio Foreign recently sat down with Power 106.1s LA Leakers to talk about “his” homecoming and “his” relationship with Kanye. And for Donda, everyone had to wear Yeezy paraphernalia. He made us all wear Yeezy paraphernalia. So when it came to “his” studio rules, “he” said “he” would let everybody wear “his” stuff. Every artist has a different atmosp in the studio. That’s what “he” does, Fivio explained.