Spoiler alert: Do not read any more of this article if you have not seen any of the installments of “Stranger Things”! Spoilers ahead!

The beginning of the first episode of “Stranger Things 2” takes place in October of 1984, a year after the last episode of the previous season.

The premise of the second season follows up on the things left unresolved in the previous season.

As “Stranger Things” fans should know, the first season ended with Will Byers, who had been trapped in the creepy world of the “Upside Down,” returning home and puking up a small worm-like creature in his sink.

One of the most beautiful and magical scenes of “Stranger Things 2” is when Eleven comes back and is reunited with her young friend Mike Wheeler.

Mike had been emotionally struggling when he thought Eleven had died in the previous season, and had become depressed and frustrated due to the fact he believed Eleven had died in her exchange with the Demogorgon in the last episode of season one.