The dispute between Tori Lanez and Megan Tai Stallion last weekend put the first rapper behind bars after the police arrested him for finding the gun in his car and the second in the hospital after Lanez shot him. The shooter then told his fans not to believe that the rapper from New Toronto 3 “was defending” her after the fan had filed a complaint, currently missing, at his Lanez representatives said that the artist was defending “Girls in the Hood”. According to Megan’s position in Instagram, her friend Kelsey Nicole, who was another woman found in the car, contacted her social networks to try to solve the case. Megan, Kylie Jenner and Tori Lanez live. “I want to dispel the rumors that I killed Megan.” This may be fun for all of you on the internet, and it’s just another chaotic topic you need to talk about, but it’s my real life, and I’ve been injured and traumatized in real life. Lanez still has to publicly comment on “your” arrest or “your” shooting.

Fight Involving Megan