Last week I appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and talked about my love of Fifth Harmony.

Monday morning, the band announced they’re taking a hiatus to pursue solo projects.

Their split was bound to happen from the moment Camilla Cabello went solo, because it’s pretty goofy to be a four-membered band called Fifth Harmony.

While I’m sad to see them call it quits, the thing about Fifth Harmony is that we never should’ve had a Fifth Harmony.

I’ve gone for a run approximately one time in the past three years, and it was because I was genuinely uplifted by the song “He Like That.” The run lasted about four minutes, but a run is a run, and I felt the change in my brain chemicals.

Hell, t is video footage of Guy Fieri autographing Lean Cuisines at a festival w that song is playing; he’s tossing them out into the audience like frisbees and people want them.

That’s how good Fifth Harmony is: People wanted frozen prison dinners with Guy Fieri’s name on them in the middle of a field on a warm day with nary a microwave in sight, because they heard this Fifth Harmony song blasting, and decided, yes, they were worth it.