This is a video clip in which Mrs. Fetty born Willie Maxwell, was arrested on three counts of assault, one for each blow he received. The branch explains that it was at the Mirage Hotel and Casino in the city w Fetty beat the worker three times. It was a hotel resident who had to arrest a citizen to end the dispute and detained Fetty until legal action was taken. It was the result of a furious argument after Fetty and his prosecutor entered a room together. His prosecutor filed an official report with the Los Angeles police indicating that the attack took place on an Airbnb in the Hollywood hills. This arrest comes a few months after the rapper was known to be under investigation for attacking a woman on the set of one of his music videos. Fetty Wap has an argument with the law. He has not been formally charged with the alleged assault. They add that he was released several hours after his initial arrest. Tell me about the New Hip Hop news. About Milca P.