The recent Justice League Comic-Con trailer saw the debut of the Ezra Miller costume for The Flash.

At Comic-Con, Newsarama caught up with Grant Gustin, the TV Flash, and got his reaction to the footage.

“Oh man, I haven’t seen this. I heard they might show it today, but I hadn’t seen it. That’s sick. I thought they might make it look like of like Injustice.”

“It’s totally different from our costume. I like that our costume is more of the classic version. That’s something I don’t think you’ll see anywhere else.”

We see Grant Gustin notes the Ezra Miller costume resembles the one from the popular Injustice: Gods Among Us video game which features The Flash wearing more of an armored costume.

The Flash cameo in Batman Vs. Superman seemed to futher resemble Injustice, with the Justice League movie Flash costume toned down a bit from that.

Per Gustin’s words, it also seems that the movies won’t be going with the classic costume for The Flash, which is a good thing and keeps the TV series a part and unique from the Ezra Miller version.