“Sometimes it’s been bad for my career, but sometimes I think,Now I can talk about things like my depression and my anxiety, things I struggle with, and I’m completely open because I believe in seeking help. “But other than that, what keeps me going is that I try my best to avoid it.” I don’t know if they ever thought about my role, but I love people. GĂ“MEZ: I wanted to make sure, especially on this album, that every song mattered to me, that it represented a story that actually happened to me, or that I was still alive. But when I’m out in the world, when I’m doing a comedy show that people like, I feel the energy on the road. I think people care about me because I’ve had some problems in the past. I can go on the subway and have coffee and maybe people will wave at me, but I’ve never been harassed except at this bat mitzvah. When I record an album, I feel safe. The song “Lose You to Love Me,” I think a lot of people can relate to that same story. I hear it when I’m doing post-SB training for seniors, and I find it very interesting that it’s classified as a pop song because it’s very heavy stuff. I’m honored to be a part of this community and find safer ways to treat people or identify them faster. I’ve been through a lot of medical issues and I know I can reach people who are going through equally scary situations: organ transplants, dialysis or treatment. It’s nice when people like it, but I really enjoy doing this work. Millions of people really love you, and when someone gets to know you, they see your kindness, your intelligence and your vulnerability. You’ve helped a lot of people, especially young people, understand their own mental health issues. I don’t really agree with that, but I say yes because it’s worth it. It’s so rare that it almost didn’t occur to me.