Oregon is a paradise this time of year, or any time really, and we have our fair share of summer festivals: the collective celebration of Oregony sunshine and good times.

Make Music Day, Salem, June 21.This all day, Summer Solstice, live music event is celebrated by hundreds of cities across the world, and originated with the French Fete de la Musique in 1982.

The Toyota of Corvallis Red White and Blue Riverfront Festival, Corvallis, July 3-4.Come celebrate our nation’s birthday with Corvallis and Toyota of Corvallis in Corvallis! This thing will have everything: local food, drinks, music, and Toyotas.

This hippy-tacular festival features tons of music as well as food, art, and a bunch of booths full of people hawking their handmade crafts.

Da Vinci Days, Corvallis, July 20-22.So we all agree that Leonardo Da Vinci was probably an alien, how else would he be so much smarter than the rest of us? In this spirit, the Benton County Fairgrounds holds a Da Vinci themed festival, only I’m not sure that they think he was actually an alien, but he totally was.

Salem Art Fair & Festival, Salem, July 20-22.This family friendly event goes down in Bush’s Pasture Park near downtown Salem, and it’s just $10 for three days.

Junction City Scandinavian Festival, Junction City, Aug. 9-12.To attend this festival, close one’s eyes, and imagine a land w quality healthcare and education are accessible, and kids aren’t gun-murdering each other in schoolit is a joyous thing.

Bi-Mart Country Music Festival, Brownsville, Aug. 16-19.Get ready to hoot, holler, and absolutely not punch anyone in the face or use homophobic slurs! This festival is a somewhat raucous, yet popular event with country music fans across the state.

Northwest Art and Air Festival, Albany, Aug. 24-26.This Albany fun-o-thon happens in Timber-Linn Park, and it’s a huge hit.