People were simultaneously confused and inspired by the couple, considering one-half is everyone’s favorite weirdo, Eric Andre, and the other is, you know, Rosario Dawson.

Eric andre and rosario dawson are legitimately dating? what the fuck.

Brady February 3, 2017 i’m actually blown away that eric andre and rosario dawson are an item.

Omillio Estevez February 14, 2017 Eric Andre being with Rosario Dawson proves the long-standing “Being funny will get you everyw” theory to be absolutely truth.

Shill Muertes February 14, 2017 Eric Andre dating Rosario Dawson is a beacon of hope for all the ugly/weird guys out t.

You might have noticed in the last of the three photos Andre posted that he said, “One more for.” That’s because even Chance the Rapper felt the need to confirm this thing with Dawson, which makes sense since it’s hard to 100 percent believe anything Andre ever says.