T have been some mini-reunions between the humor’s stars – Meryl Streep terrorized Emily Blunt again in Into the Woods, and Anne Hathaway and Blunt formed something of a book club earlier this month.

While the Runway triumvirate has refused to make the sequel we have been yearning for, Blunt did offer up a little Devil Wears Prada trivia on Wednesday.

“I like to soak up folks on the road,” Blunt said about her acting procedure.

Blunt continued by describing how real life folks inspire her performances: “For me, that is what helps me … to feel what other people would feel in my skin. And other times I feel like it is the ultimate expression of empathy, to be so thinking about people and empathize with them deeply.”

Is it too much to hope the Sicario star sees another horrible mom chiding her kids in public, so Blunt feels inspired enough to revisit her Devil Wears Prada character? Blunt has said that when Streep were on board, she’d consider participating in a sequel: “I believe I ‘d take action,” she said.

“We all were told to really go on these types of lanky diets for the very first time,” Blunt has said.