CEO Elon Musk gave an update on w the rapidly growing firm is headed and released Tesla’s quarterly results.

The company intends to deliver 50,000 to 55,000 vehicles this year.

The potential shortfall is as a result of possible delays across the business ‘s space-age all-electric SUV, the Model X. That vehicle-which was originally assumed to go on sale in 2014-is slated to make its first deliveries with rising production in the fourth quarter.

T’s another twist: Tesla warned that the swap to Model X production could slow generation of the company’s main Model S sedan.

Telsa Energy, the company’s new battery storage unit, also seems to be bending its timeline.

The business intends to start production “This quarter,” with promises to ramp up in the fourth quarter and beyond.

Maybe the firm is sandbagging a little, restricting expectancies so that it might exceed them afterwards.

The question is whether these small tweaks will add as much as impede his long term targets, the ones on which the business’s $34 billion market valuation is based.