She’s Team Iron Man now! Chris Evans scared the bejesus out of his Captain America: Civil War costar Elizabeth Olsen on The Ellen DeGeneres Show – and he’s still laughing about it.

The actors watched a playback of the hilarious gag during an episode of the daytime talk show, which airs on Monday, May 2.

Evans, 34, came up with the idea to hide in Olsen’s dressing room for the prank.

Olsen, 27, walked into the bathroom after being told that t were free QVC products.

She screamed and said: “Oh my God! Now I’m sweating!”.

“I remembered it afterwards. I was like, ‘Well, when Scarlett was on last year for Avengers, he scared her. Why didn’t I think of that?'” Olsen said on Monday.

Evans added: “How could you resist? This is the best part about your show that you endorse this type of behavior. I’m really, really addicted to it.”

DeGeneres couldn’t let Evans have all the fun, though.