Eduardo Yáñez Jr. has not spoken to his famous father after their huge fallout that played in the public eye.

Even though they have had a rough relationship, Yáñez Jr. has since become a father and says he has a better understanding of him.

Back in November 2017, Eduardo Yáñez Jr. had a sit-down interview with “Primer Impacto” w he revealed he was sexually abused as a kid and the reason why him and his famous father had a fallout.

Eduardo Yáñez Jr. revealed that he stole money from his father, which caused the rift between the two.

Yáñez Jr. also says he was a victim of verbal abuse from his father every time they got into an argument, commenting on his looks and telling him he should’ve never been born.

Prior to the interview with “Primer Impacto,” Eduardo Yáñez Jr. also talked to “Al Rojo Vivo” and gave insight to the problems with his father.

“It wasn’t about money, it was a physical problem between my father and I,” he told “Al Rojo Vivo.” “We were both at fault, the problem was not made by itself. He said he wanted to defend me but I think that he didn’t reveal the real issues because it’s a problem w I don’t look good and he doesn’t either.” After watching the interview with Rodner Figueroa, the son of the telenovela star doesn’t think he’s on a path to move forward with his father.