Van Halen also appeared shirtless on the cover of “Rock Special magazine for young stars, next to the photo of Simon Le Bon, singer of “Rock’s Pop Hero”. “16 One day a full-page photo of Eddie with his Frankenstrat guitar in black and white appeared in the magazine, shot in the middle of the drums, expressing surprise and joy in his face. Even after the band signed a recording contract, the covers are still part of Van Halen’s repertoire: a brilliant cover of “You Really Got Me” by Kinks, a hot and inconsolable cover of the 1963 R&B song “You’re No Good” popularized by Linda Ronstadt, and the Motown classic “Dancing in the Street” by Martha Reeves & The Vandellas. “So, no, Van Halen was not a purist of hard rock – and this remained relevant to the four, although the boundaries of the genre have changed and expanded. These conflicting personalities certainly caused tensions in Van Halen’s real life – Roth and the band broke up in the mid-1980s – but they also provided an irresistible food for teenage magazines, especially after Eddie Van Halen married his beloved one-day actress Valerie Bertinelli in 1981. The look on “Teen-Idol Appeal” by Eddie Van Halen The guitarist of the same name will forever be remembered as a hard rock legend, but his band formed at a time when the sellers of the genre performed with slightly smoothed contours. Several posters and special calendars introduced the band, while the 1983 Tiger Beat Super Annual promised “impressive rock reporting” in four bands that loved MTV: Kings, Laverboy and Van Halen. The way this guy plays has a lot of emotional content. “With Eddie Van Halen, t were no tricks on stage jubilant choreographies – only real enough that he was lucky enough to be part of a band that brings the fun back to rock and roll. Several videos from the first years of MTV’s existence have captured the personality of the band better than Van Halen’s “Jump”. “In a stunning 1984 video, David Lee Roth “brushes” his hair and throws a fiery glance at the camera, while he looks at the camera synchronized between the round blades and other gravitational tricks that challenge. A repetition of the British Tiger Bit in June 1982 even included a group of brown spins – Scott Bayo, Rick Springfield, Ralph Macchio – and a video of Van Halen and Roth, which looked a little dizzy and were ready for the beach, respectively. Rock purists may fear that Van Halen will portray a pop band along with shameless actors or multi-talented threats such as Rick Springfield. When in the mid-seventies Van Halen performed in high school and at block parties in Southern California, he made a name for himself as a wellness dance group, focusing on glamorous, metal and hard rock hits. The 16th poster of Van Halen magazine charmingly depicts the group that needs a haircut; his hair and pony almost close his eyes. Like other teen idols – and popular rock bands of that time – Van Halen’s directors were put on recipe records. Nevertheless, the flaws and subtleties of Eddie Van Halen seemed fascinating and sensitive – a kind of soft, non-hazard vulnerability that ran counter to the shameless and exaggerated sexuality of Roth.

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