[embedyt]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=[/embedyt] The Atlantic duo Doctur Dot and Johnny Venus Earthgang, approved by Dreamville, literally and figuratively illuminated the space with its decoration and radiated true wealth thanks to the possibility of separating the scene and electrochemistry, which she received as a spiritual successor – if not literally – to another ATLiens duo. It is a little impressive that these two groups want to reach a common happiness during the Smino Tour in Hupti, because this rarity of stealing a flag not only makes a common connection between them, but also distinguishes them from their respective colleagues and crews and gives them the right to do whatever they want. After the actor was on stage for a while, the curtain fell sharply and the he was reopened in Smino, the his vocalist and his live band, which was on stage, similar to the inside of a car shop. With a series of songs from their three EPs, Rags, Robot and Royalty, they crossed the stage like fins, urging viewers to reflect their contagious energy. When these two artists Zemlyane and Smino, the “strange” comes with territory – but strange in the most elevated, most outcast way. This state can change as quickly as s,Johnny , Johnny Venus Johnny, Johnny of Johnny, which involves “their” locomotives in a multicolored scarf – almost certainly. For someone it would be a strange decision to send an actor on tour between the two main groups. His traditional and slow soul brand, Fender Rhodes, provided the perfect springboard and connective fabric for the most popular songs. This diabolical attitude has made them popular with many fans across the country, even though these two artists remain far beyond the scope of their careers in the early stages of their careers. He provided an excellent support group and made room for space radio. It is worth showing interest in him because he is the focus of attention of his famous friends. T were shelters with separate stripes, DJ-cabin was built into a pile of stripes – painted in bright yellow color, for additional space pop-music, which really inscribed “it” in the pattern in the style of Smino-instrumentary.