The girls’ group, which received some of the biggest hits at KCON 2018 in New York, presented their new 90’s inspired single, “Lady”, as well as a handful of other singles to welcome their American fans to the East Coast. Jeonghwa: I was very young, born in 1995, so I was able to listen to music and remember that it was already the ’00’s, so probably the other members are better placed to answer this question. Jeonghwa: Not only our team, but all Korean teams strive to make their dreams come true, and right now we have the feeling that the world is beginning to come and show its love for this kind of music. Hani: And we’re so proud that maybe we’re part of that kind, you know? We see that k-pop culture is developing and beginning to be accepted in this world, and that’s really amazing. From an unexpected viral success in 2014 to the fight for the health of a member in which she has to suspend some album releases, EXID’s road to K-Pop-Stardom was atypical, but the applause of the KCON crowd would make you think otherwise. Hyelin: At first we didn’t have much time to go abroad, but when we see our group mentioned in the media, we look at it and are always moved to see what is said about us and what is said to us abroad. Songs like “California Love”, I remember listening to a lot of hip hop music and old songs. I want a group comeback and the group wants the fans to keep waiting for the five of us to come back. We feel that the trends are repeating and we are so happy that they can sing songs that we heard in our youth. THE: I remember Biggie’s songs – from New York! W we are now! And Tupac, yes, of course. Hyelin: I remember the “belt bags”. “In Korea, we called it a bag, but it was called a belt bag. So we feel this pride of belonging to this growing genre. But for me, I remember it was something special that my father used to use, but now it’s something that people use. Jeonghwa: Solji’s health has recovered very well, and as we watch his health improve, we want to return like the other five. Hyelin: I used to throw parties at school and my boyfriend and I covered groups like S.E.S.S. and Fin. K.L. and I think it helped me realize my dream of becoming a singer.