It’s been 15 years since Opening Bell Coffee, originally known as Standard & Pours Coffee & Stocks, opened its doors to the public.

In 2005, Opening Bell introduced Tuesday’s Open Mic series, and it’s the longest-running open mic in the DFW area.

Hall decided to change the venue’s name to Opening Bell Coffee.

Local artists have found that performing at Opening Bell has influenced their musical careers.

Wyatt Martin, a local artist, performs twice per month at Opening Bell.

Eubank says it can be nerve-wracking for artists to get comfortable behind the mic, so he recommends they perform at Opening Bell to lose their stage fright.

“I find myself telling a lot of younger artists, ‘Hey, check out Opening Bell Coffee open mic,'” Eubank says.

“Ask any songwriter in Dallas about Opening Bell, and they’ll say the same things I’m saying today.”