A New York judge rejected Kesha’s attempt to amend her lawsuit against Dr. Luke, Billboard reports.

In January, Kesha’s legal team attempted to amend their lawsuit against Dr. Luke after New York Supreme Court Justice Shirley Kornreich rejected two previous suits.

In April 2016, Kornreich dismissed another set of claims and ruled that Kesha could not allege that Dr. Luke carried out a hate crime against her.

At the time, Judge Kornreich did not not dismiss the claims pertaining to whether Kesha’s contracts with Dr. Luke were null.

In their most recent amended lawsuit, Kesha’s team attempted to prove breach of contract in several ways.

The amended suit also argued that Dr. Luke broke the “Good faith” assumption in all contracts through his years of alleged abuse and his alleged failure to help Kesha release her third album.

Judge Kornreich shut down the unpaid royalties argument noting that a witness for Dr. Luke had provided an accounting statement that showed Kesha actually owed the producer $1.3 million in royalties.