Mitchell didn’t like these players at all and preferred to concentrate on the boys who were on their plates and proudly represented their country. According to Aris Barkas of Eurohoops, after the match, Mitchell was asked about those who decided to skip the American team’s experience. In a defeat that shocked the international basketball community, the U.S. team lost 89-79 points against France in the FIBA Basketball World Cup. We have 12 men who wanted to fight for the Americans, just like any other country. Rudy Gobert turned out to be the hero of France, while Donovan Mitchell of the United States made a brave effort. Maybe next time, more American players will want to support their country, especially after the embarrassment of not winning a medal. Why don’t you focus on the people who do? Our season is over and we came straight here to work with Pop Coach and all the other coaches. It’s disgusting that some people in our country, some people don’t feel that way about us, but we don’t care. “On top of that, there are those who haven’t been able to compete. From the start, the American team was on rocky terrain and barely squeaked in front of some of its weaker rivals. “If they didn’t come here, it’s their fault,” says Mitchell. Mitchell wants to focus on those who have played. I know how I feel and I know how these guys feel. However, they made it to the quarter-finals, but obviously they didn’t have the talent to win the whole tournament.

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