On Saturday Don Jr sported what he called the ‘coolest belt ever’, featuring a functioning pistol right in the middle.

Don Jr tagged himself at the Catskills in New York, w he has a cabin and owns a 71-acre hunting preserve that he and brother Eric use as a private shooting range.

In his Instagram story Don Jr included another shot of what appeared to be a hunting rifle.

Despite his boisterous caption, Don Jr wouldn’t actually be able to wear his belt buckle outside of his private range.

Don Jr did recently – and successfully – apply for a permit to carry a concealed weapon in Pennsylvania.

The reason Don Jr applied in Pennsylvania and not New York is unknown, but one source suggested he would have had to pay more state tax in his home city.

A source told Page Six: ‘It isn’t clear why Don Jr applied for a permit in Pennsylvania.

Don Jr is a well-known firearm fan and has been heavily criticized by activists for his hunting trips.

In particular, Don Jr is said to be against tightening policy on assault weapons, despite widespread calls for restrictions following the Parkland massacre.