Doll got a tattoo of Vance’s portrait and bought a realistic ice necklace, but when “she” publicly denounced her, others criticized “her” and accused the rapper of overreacting. After an online controversy with Kyla B., King Vance’s sister, and being called crazy, Asian Doll is now taking matters into “her” own hands. Asian Doll also opened up about “her” recent controversies, including “her” public announcement that the woman is pregnant with Vons’ child. I don’t argue with anyone because it’s my way of doing things, Doll added. She has carried the Queen Von banner since the Chicago rapper’s murder last November. Since the late rapper can’t speak for himself, “she” doesn’t argue about “him” or for him. He can’t speak for himself, and I don’t speak for him. But if anything happens to him, make sure no one cares about it [crying and laughing emoji],” “she” wrote. Talk to me about the latest hip-hop news. Check out the articles below.