The Singing Room, winner of the Soul Train Award for “Best Soul Website,” features top R&B artists, candid interviews, new R&B music, soul music, R&B news, R&B videos and editorials on fashion and lifestyle trends. Thanks to AmoneyBoo’s voice, ¬®Stay Inside¬® will find an audience among those who can identify with the many ways the world has changed, and the many ways it hasn’t, all at the same time. “Stay Inside” seems like the perfect title for a 2021 song, but it takes on a different meaning, as one would expect from a song. With the incredible flashback to Marvin Gaye and the90s beat in the background, it doesn’t take long to figure out what David Chris and Mr. Foster are trying to imply with their latest release. “Inside” is a track that not only stays true to its roots, but hints at the current state of the world. Since 2005, Singerrum has been the voice of R&B around the world. DFD MUSIC is ahead of its time with songs that remind us that being left behind isn’t so bad when you’re left alone with someone who makes you happy alone with them. With clever lyrics and wordplay, what at first glance seems like another attempt at a Covid song quickly grabs your attention and commands the room. This single is the perfect anthem for an evening out with friends or at home. Sevyn Streeter has a new album coming out, Shoulda Been T Pt. Janet Jackson – HeartBeat Love Feat.” The pun is actually a little surprising in a good way, but once you hear it, you won’t forget it. This new single just came out of DFD and immediately hits you with a lot of old school styles. Jodeci – Body Parts ft. Follow us on social media below.