Question: Did the Ravens’ margin of victory really indicate how much they dominated the game, and what did the loss do to the Lions’ playoff chances?

The Ravens were the better team in the first half when they built a 20-0 lead. And they were the better team in the second half, when the Lions twice got within seven points – 20-3 and 27-20.

The Ravens were better on offense, better on defense, better on special teams – and they made far fewer mental errors than the Lions – one of them not having enough men on the field on defense on a critical third-down conversion by the Ravens in the fourth quarter.

Q. Slow start: The Lions faced a 20-0 deficit going into the second half.

Q. Bad half, all bad: How would you describe the first half that ended with the Ravens making a field goal for a 20-0 lead?

Q. Lions’ chances: Did the Lions have any that could have kept them in the game?

Q. Ravens, pinned deep: The Lions got decent field position late in the first quarter on a punt that was downed at the Ravens’ five-yard line.

The Lions kept the ball, but the play lost 10 yards and forced a punt instead of trying a field goal that might have made the score 3-3.

The Lions made it close – briefly – in the second half, but overall it was a game that the Ravens thoroughly dominated.