[embedyt]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=[/embedyt] A band that calls itself a “rock band that hates rock ‘n’ roll” shares its new single, “Desperation Moon”, with images of Florentine “Woods” Dubois in Montreux, Switzerland. In 2018 “she” became a music editor at Vegan Connections and then joined the Music Crows as an author and digital assistant. In the video the band explains: “It’s mostly about wanting to get what you can’t afford, so it was very appropriate to record a $500 video in a room at the Victoria Hotel. Cuco hunted with Jean Carter for the new single “Bossa No Sé”. French newcomers to MNNNQQQNS have announced their first album, Body Negative, which will be released on FatCat Records on August 30th. Happy Friday! We keep thinking about the future of heavy metal by David Hasselhoff. Swedish-American singer BERG shared photos of “her” last single. Lucy Booth, who lives in Leeds, shared “her” first single. New music? Friday? Bookmark of the cornerstone. See below.