Viking’s Choice: Desert Death Metal Heavy Pink Psych, Japanese Grindcore: All Songs Conceed Gatecreeper’s Death Metal offers a composition master class, Twink returns to apocalyptic psychology, and Takafumi Matsubara from Gridlink receives support worldwide. When Think Pink III explored the lonely folklore of an alder last year, Think Pink IV: Return to Deep Space – with members Moths & Locust, Sloan and Wolf Parade as his Canadian support group – sees him coming into the unknown with a lot of psychology. In the Gatercriper Desert, the old death metal school has survived. Gatecreeper writes unforgettable songs because the band understands their Death Metal history, but also knows that the well-developed Vers-Chorus-Vers format supports everyone’s life. Everlasting” in particular is a metal master class on writing laconic songs, in which all the sound reefs are valued as dominant, with a melodic guitar solo that lasts no more than eight bars, but which continues to be angry as the songs are performed. However, Gatekeeper’s inexorable self-edition creates the illusion of a simple song when the goal of each moment is in the command of the desert. Gatecreeper from Arizona has released a new Desert album entitled Desert to help any music critic at the right time. What if Lemmy Motherhead sprayed whiskey full of Hawkwind’s cosmic stone? Bless this Norwegian metal band for their cosmic and crunchy reaction. John Alder, who plays drums for British psychopathic bands such as Tomorrow, Pretty Things and Pink Fairies, recently returned to the wild rose. The magic mountain is probably out of control, but Rob Wrong’s shiny metal reefs have collided with a rhythmic area that swings like a carousel slowly slipping off its axis. The perfect strange, beautiful and fast track lasts only 34 minutes, but you will feel every devastating riff, every twisted hook and every exciting collaboration with more than 30 Grindcore musicians from around the world.

Desert Death Metal Gatecreeper