Lovato has gone to rehab for, among other things, bulimia, and she has been rather open about her body image struggles.

For these reasons, I actually don’t doubt that it’s a challenge for Lovato to make peace with her body-even though it more than surpasses all standards of sexiness.

Lovato’s skin is glistening, her eyes are smouldering, and her butt is nothing short of perfection-and we’re supposed to feel bad for her? Or praise her for her confidence? Along with her body battles or empathize?

To be honest, Lovato is hardly the first to girl in Hollywood to go nude in a attempt at appearing accessible to masses of women, while, possibly unintentionally, making them feel completely inferior and hyper-aware of their particular physical defects.

I have much more patience as well as a bit of appreciation for Lovato’s take on the unretouched humblebrag because she has been outspoken about her body issues and eating disorders for years.

As someone who is through therapy for eating disorders and has candidly discussed her continued struggles “With obsessing over food and [being] terrified of it at precisely the same time,” Lovato should positively revel in her body and be proud of the way that it seems-and also acknowledge that it fulfills pretty much every conventional standard of sexiness.