[embedyt]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3wE4DbdFBPc[/embedyt] Dee Snider – I produced her latest album – was in South America and I watched the videos of these shows of thousands of people singing songs that I wrote and wrote, singing melodies that I could never do alone because their fans would think, “Why are you all trying to sing melodically? It was amazing to hear Dee and the audience sing and that’s what I’m trying to keep doing, because you never know when these opportunities will arise. Look, you’re the singer from Hatebreed and you have to be serious. “Now that we’ve traveled the world and released all these albums, we can have some fun and have some fun. I said, “You know what? We have to replace it with metal people doing non-metallic things. “He has a good argument. Occasionally I write some things and say, “I don’t know, do I want to put them t? But if you say so, it’s so therapeutic and in the past, when I did, it was very liberating, even though it wasn’t about me in the music. I can’t stop thinking about these dark and morbid things and I want to find a way to express them, but I’m also upset that we’ve had all these positive and uplifting songs in recent albums. It’s always been slow and steady and it won the competition, and we managed to do it with a pure work ethic. We’re talking about “Types of metal that do non-metallic things. “It’s a wonderful look at life beyond the podium. We had fun from the HWWW tour and thought, “We are now Arena Core. “So, of course, we want to make these hymns, but we want them to be really heavy and hard. As for the next one, he has ideas for a new Hatebreed album, but he’s at a crossroads, because he’s not sure if he wants to abandon the usual positive themes and move in a “dark and morbid” direction. And luckily, I had some good years in the last few years when I couldn’t hide the songs on the hard disk – they even came out between the album The Lost Chapters that I did with Jasta. But we started with a joke because I think everyone in a metal band always knows this photographer or art director or maybe a radio or TV personality who wants to have fun and the bands are always so serious. I think it’s important for anyone who’s creative to be inspired and motivated to do things like this, because you never know what you’re going to use. We’ve talked to other bands and we know we’re missing a lot of cities, but if anyone wants to try Hatebreedvip.com t are still about twenty for the whole tour, but we also accept suggestions. I think this means that we have to thank our lucky stars every day, because we are not the kind of band that made this rocket a success and so we have to go back to reality. Jasta also talked about Hatebreed’s 25 year tour and the success of his latest album, The Concrete Confessional. So, since we’ve added a lot of new songs to the set, I think I want to give him a more concert feel, not just a recording feel, but a better sound.