Scottish filmmaker Kevin Macdonald was nearly finished conducting interviews for “Whitney,” his explosive new documentary about the late Whitney Houston, when he came across a revelation: Houston’s brother, Gary Houston, told the director that his cousin, late soul musician Dee Dee Warwick, sexually abused Gary as a child.

“Whitney,” which premiered at midnight at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival, confirms that charge with multiple sources who were close to Whitney Houston prior to her death from drowning in a bathtub in 2012.

Similar to 2015’s Oscar-winning documentary “Amy,” which detailed the behind-the-scenes struggles of Amy Winehouse as she developed her public profile, “Whitney” is at once a celebration of the singer’s talent and an investigation into the tragic circumstances that complicated her life.

I’d been working on a film I never finished about child sexual abuse and it just rang a bell with me.

‘ Pat Houston, who’s here, told me that, yeah, Whitney had told her this but not given any details.

I didn’t start this as a great Whitney Houston fan, but I ended up with a credible sense of empathy for her, and a love of the music born out of that empathy.