“The title’Bloodlust Contamination’ and the accompanying video will give you a good impression of the intensity of the new album,” says Creeping Death Wretched Illusions is more in the face, more metal, but it’s still 100% Creeping Death,” the band said. 27 on eOne and you can see the Old School Death Metal video titled “Bloodlust Contamination” below. Order your copy of Wretched Illusions and surprise Creeping Death on their tour with High on Fire and Power Trip, as well as with the opening of Devil Master these days. See the video “Bloodlust Contamination” below, as well as the illustrations and track list of Wretched Illusions. “Bloodlust Contamination” is a time capsule for fans who were born too late to see the birth of Death Metal. Creeping Death is at the dividing line between Death Metal and Thrash with hardcore flashes that remind us of a time when these stamps were hit with brutal and ugly sounds and more or less one in the same way. After releasing their first demo in 2015, Texas Creeping Death have finally released their first album. “With this album, we really wanted to get better and take our sound to the next level. Wretched Illusions to be released in September 2019 Loudwire is part of Loudwire Network, Townsquare Media, Inc.

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