The movie also did stonkingly well at the box office, breaking a whole bunch of records including becoming the highest grossing R-rated movie ever.

Could it be that Deadpool’s moment has passed?

After the first movie bagged $783 million from a budget of $58 million, the sequel is hardly an outsider.

Though Deadpool came out in 2016, two years in the movies can make a whole lot of difference, too.

Since then we’ve had Get Out and Black Panther, Call Me By Your Name and Love, Simon, Wonder Woman and #MeToo – big important movies and a movement for change.

Like the first movie, this one promises to be violent, with heads getting lopped off and people smashed in the face with bricks t.

Through no fault of Deadpool’s, following the Florida shooting in February this isn’t really a time when most people want to be watching a movie fetishising gun use – indeed various other shows have been postponed or altered in response.