Tommy Boy says they don’t give artists to their masters. “We know that t is an asset recovery process, but after so many years of disappointment, we no longer trust Tommy Boy in this process. The latest news about Tommy Boy Records’ plans to place De La Soul’s catalogue on streaming platforms could disappoint fans a long time ago, as the villains said today that the contract negotiations with the label were unsuccessful. The band asks fans not to broadcast their old catalogues when Tommy Boy makes them available, because De’s members believe they are not getting a fair share of the profits from their original company. De La Soul says they do not agree with Tommy Boy to share their release. With helpful advice and a lot of thought, we decided we didn’t have to prove to our friends that we had to accept Tom Silverman’s terms. Instead, the band focuses on touring and festivals and develops new projects, such as the 2016 album And El Nadie Anonymous, from which they receive a more equitable share of the profits. In the past, their opinions have been supported by both the Jay-Z tide platform and colleagues like Questlove of The Roots. New things, new music and an incredibly respectful business relationship. That’s why our catalogue is not created thanks to our participation or approval.

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