It’s been nearly a year since the 68 year-old stepped down from his perch as the host of “Late Night.” Since then he’s apparently been enjoying his new status as a retiree, with occasional brief forays back into the public eye.

Back in September, he blew the paparazzi’s collective mind by appearing – in the words of the New York Post – “Looking like a bedraggled Tom Hanks in ‘Cast Away'” with a “Hobo chic” fluffy gray beard.

In December, he spoke to Montana’s “Whitefish Review” about his new life, and said decisively, “I had to shave every day, every day, for 33 years. And even before that when I was working on local TV. And I just thought, the first thing I will do when I am not on TV is stop shaving. I’ve kind of developed a real creepy look with it that I’m sort of enjoying. And I can tell that people are off-put by it. And the more people implore me to shave, the stronger my resolve is to not shave.”

He admitted, “I’ll be 69 next year and I’ve been doing this for 33 years. What did I want? Like you work until you’re a hundred? So t’s a lot of practical reasons why a person wouldn’t miss this.” You hear that, too? Dave’s doing just fine.

The New York Daily News eagerly ran a duo of photos of the former host, looking “Nearly unrecognizable” out on a run during a vacation in St. Barts.

Or as the Daily News put it, the man was “Really showing his age.” Other sites also picked up on the news, with the Daily Mail deploying its favorite word to note that “David Letterman reveals bald head while in St Barts” – like a bald head is a nip slip – and both Extra and Us boggling that Letterman is “Completely unrecognizable.” At least E! noted that he’s “Balding, Bearded and Looking as Happy as Ever in St. Barts.”