Fans got their first glimpse of David Harbour as Hellboy on Wednesday when a photo of the actor was shared on social media.

It seems Harbour got ripped to play the beloved comic character.

“Holy crap #Hellboy #FirstLook,” the film’s Twitter account posted with the photo.

Harbour posted another photo of himself in character, writing “Please allow to introduce myself, I’m a man of wealth and taste…”.

Production on the Lionsgate and Millennium film began Wednesday, the same day it was announced Daniel Dae Kim would be stepping into the role of Major Ben Daimio.

Ed Skrein stepped aside so that a culturally appropriate person could take the part.

Originally, Ron Perlman played the enormous, wise-cracking, well-meaning half-demon.

In June, after it was announced t would be a changing of the Hellboy guard, Perlman and Harbour went to a “Detente” dinner with mutual pal and well-known nerd, Patton Oswalt.

“Good luck kid! Signed, the Babe,” Perlman posted with a picture of the three.