The song jumped from No. 52 in the week since the rapper was slain, making it the first posthumous No. 1 hit for a lead soloist since 1997 – the year that Notorious B.I.G. was killed and his anthem “Mo Money Mo Problems” raced up the charts.

During the week ending on June 21, “SAD!” was streamed 48.9 million times in the United States, a 264 percent increase from the previous week.

Eight other songs by XXXTentacion are also currently in the Billboard Hot 100, seven of which reentered the charts after his death – meaning they’d charted before but had since fallen off.

The deaths of musical giants have left a mark on the past few years, but they didn’t result in No. 1 songs.

None of his individual songs rose to No. 1.

Like Prince before him, no No. 1 song.

That streaming would play a huge part in XXXTentacion’s record-breaking No. 1 hit this week is only fitting.

He released several EPs t, before adding his music to services such as Spotify – including two albums that would chart No. 1 and No. 2 on the Billboard 200..