The song was accompanied by a new episode of Dave’s True Stories, a social media series in which the Foo Fighters rocker and former Nirvana drummer recalls funny stories from his past. In the past, he has accompanied Dave on stage with Foo Fighters and other bands, and played vocals on the opening track of the new Foo Fighters album “Medicine at Midnight.” He’s almost as old as his father when he went on his first tour of America, and he joins his father on a cover that pays homage to Dave’s punk roots. In a story shared on Instagram this week, Dave reveals that he is distantly related to X drummer DJ Bonebrake through his grandmother. It seems incredible that Violet Grohl, the eldest daughter of Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl, is 15 years old. She found out about the connection through an old concert ad cherished by her grandmother, whose maiden name is Bonebrake. Eventually, Dave and the DJ got together and talked about their family history, which is also a bit military. “What Motivates Us” will premiere April 30 as part of the Code Collection on Amazon Prime Video. Listen to the replay at the end of this article2021 2021 Violet is no stranger to playing with his father.

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