LOS ANGELES – The Rev. Daryl Coley, a minister and gospel singer, died Tuesday, March 15, 2016, at the age of 60, reportedly in hospice care.

Coley’s most popular songs include “He’s Preparing Me,” “When Sunday Comes” and “Beyond the Vail.”.

Born in Berkley, Calif. on Oct. 30, 1955, Coley spent his formative years in Oakland, Calif. His parents separated when he was five-years-old, with he and his two siblings being raised by his mother in a solid Christian home.

Musically, Coley was first influenced by his mother.

In December 1969, at the age of 13, Coley first heard Helen Stephens And The Voices Of Christ, and by February of the next year he had become a member of the nationally acclaimed ensemble.

During his high school years, Coley was a student of Phillip Reeder, Castleers choir director at Castlemont High School.

Reeder helped Coley broaden his musical boundaries and even influenced him to go to college.

Coley’s career went further as he pursued studies in college; being a top student, working toward a business degree, and even assisting in teaching college courses.

When things began to open up musically, Coley took a break from his studies and rose through the ranks to become a top figure in Gospel.