DaniLay found herself at the center of the controversy after she performed a short excerpt from her unreleased track “Yellow Bone” which she said was about all the “light-skinned villains.” Fans criticized the song as a “colorist” and asked DaniLay to apologize, which only made matters worse. “I want you to stop the racial discrimination because it really wasn’t funny to me,” she wrote, adding that black women are fed up and don’t wait for someone to casually say something to people of color. Instead of offering the sincere apology she wanted, DaniLei criticized the “culture of withdrawal” and apologized if she had “offended” anyone. Akbar V called DaniLay a “racist,” and the discussion continued. I won’t go back on this issue because I will never win again. I know my heart and I know who I am and what I stand for. I’m sorry, but I apologized, and they don’t think I care because they don’t like me, so I’m going to apologize in person. Now everybody calls me a white girl, and I’m not a fucking white girl. I’m a Dominican with a lot of shit in me. I write songs the way I talk. Akbar V kept pressuring DaniLeigh to apologize. Akbar V then turned to DaniLay with a question about color. So, anyway, she didn’t care. Eventually, the discussion turned into a discussion about DaniLeigh’s race. I, too, am a human being.

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