Dani Felt has launched the first single queen dedicated to women’s empowerment, and the song certainly supports this feeling. In terms of production, “The Queen gives a kind of presentation “Imagine the Dragons” or “Rejection”, because the layers are a wall of synthesizers and exuberant harmonies in a strong punch and kick. Owner of Heart Songs Records Jill Paul says, “When Dani played this song for us at a business meeting, I knew thatshe’ wanted to distribute it for us. Dani took a 9-year break before releasing her song, and this song is a powerful way to get her career back on track. Trevor Justin is a well-known journalist and public relations specialist who has worked in the music industry since he was 13. The chorus of this song is stronger because it sends a message loud and clear and ends with the phrase “Bow to me as if I were your queen. The felt begins with strong vocal harmonies, followed quickly by thick layers of drums and synthesizers, beating into the rhythm of authority when she sings a memorable melodic slogan. Dani says: “If I had three words to describe my song, it would be dramatic, seductive and inspiring. She writes for media such as Music Mayhem Magazine, Mic’d Magazine and Country Sway, and her passion to stimulate emerging and established talents is second to none. Music Crowns is a global platform to open up music artists, a one-stop store for the best unsigned, independent and newly recruited music artists. The poem emits a dark pop vibe, similar to what can be heard from Billy Aylish, but distinguished by her voice and phraseology to present the message. All the productions, texts and instruments are so intertwined that one can’t help but recognize the feeling of power that comes from the song. Dani Felt certainly has a bright future for she if she continues to perform at this level. It is this deep love to attract artists that led him to the launch of his public relations company Perkins Publicity, which holds the wealth of great talent in all genres. Is it Friday? Do you want new music? Well, we have it for you. I love a woman who knows who she is and who knows how to convey the message of emancipation of a woman.

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