Dakota Johnson has denied she was sneakily watching Angelina Jolie while her former love rival Jennifer Aniston was on stage at the Golden Globes.

She told Jimmy Fallon on Monday night that she was actually sneakily filming the Stranger Things kids instead.The host confronted her with the photo that went viral after the January 7 ceremony: Taken from behind Aniston, it shows Jolie apparently doing her best to ignore her, and Johnson doing her best to not get caught looking.

‘Yeah but so is Armie’s wife!’ Johnson pointed out.

Then the Fifty Shades star revealed what it was she was really staring at.

‘If you look really closely at the angle of my eyes, they’re kind of, like, over the actual kids table, which was the Stranger Things table.

Aniston is thought to have skipped the red carpet at the awards in a bid to avoid running into Jolie – but the pair risked a face-to-face as they both attended the same Netflix afterparty.

The pair haven’t been in the same room since the Critics’ Choice Awards in 2015 – ten years after Brad Pitt reportedly ended things with Aniston to start dating Jolie.