Larry David returned as TV alter ego Larry David and in one jam-packed episode, the HBO comedy caught viewers up on what Larry has been doing for the past six years since he’s been away, while launching him into uncharted territory for the remainder of the season: Larry David is now a wanted man.

The season eight finale saw Larry and pal Leon Black taking their shtick to the streets of Paris, a move Larry initiated to avoid an invitation to Michael J. Fox’s charity event.

The premiere episode also saw Larry foisting his inept but disabled assistant onto Susie Greene after Jimmy Kimmel first foisted her onto Larry, breaking up a lesbian wedding by insisting the bride wasn’t “Bridey” enough to be the one wearing the gown and reuniting with many of his old pals, including his ex-wife Cheryl David, who is played by Cheryl Hines.

How did you come up with the premiere concept of issuing a fatwa against Larry David?

The idea of Larry writing a musical called Fatwa seemed funny, and then the idea of Larry getting a fatwa for writing a musical about a fatwa seemed really funny.

In the premiere alone, Larry is antagonizing the Islamic community, lesbians, his disabled assistant with a history of molestation and he also questions PTSD. Are you worried about how people might react and was that something you spoke about when making the season?

We know Lauren Graham is going to enter later in the season as Larry’s love interest and that Cheryl will have a romance of her own.

The first episode sets up the major story arc for Larry, but t’s a lot in the episode that is setting up a lot of other plot points and stories that are going to be going on throughout the season.

We spent the last six years making three dummy seasons – so I don’t even know if they got the right ones! Anyone can put anything on IMDB. I remember seeing something wrong and I just said, “Let it stay up and be wrong. That’s great.” The thing with Larry is that we worked hard to make these surprises be surprising and he doesn’t like people who ruin a surprise party.