Friday, huh? Want some new music? Well, we have this for you. RONIN GANG is a call to the listener to join Ronin’s empire and make a revolution in the world of hip-hop. Today, the Western Sydney duo returned to the Ronin Empire with images for the premiere of the film “Ronin Gun” in 2018. After a short stay in Australia, “she” moved to the UK at the end of 2018, w “she” worked as a freelance translator and interpreter before joining the Music Crows. RONIN GANG is a mixture of an old school and a new hip-hop, with lush streams of aggressive trap elements. Music C Crons is a global platform for the discovery of musicians, a hallmark of the world’s best non-subscribers, independent and recently signed musicians. Watch the video of Ronin’s Gangs below. Rapper Monix and producer Ra Kitano have created a hip-hop excitement since the release of their first single “Kamikaze” in 2017.

Crowns Friday