During COVID-19, musician Lulu Garcia-Navarro de Quaranchella of NPR spoke with Adam Chester, an artist from Los Angeles and a representative of Elton John, who gave weekly charity concerts in his “own” district. Lulu Garcia-Navarro of NPR Quaranchella spoke with Adam Chester, an artist from Los Angeles, and Elton John, who gave weekly benefit concerts in his “own” district. The social distance may have prevented hundreds of people from gathering at concert venues, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy live music like in Los Angeles, w Adam Chester lives. This is Adam Chester, who founded his Quaranchella and performs in front of his house in Los Angeles. How is your own house different from your neighbors? And tell us what it’s like for your neighbors. Adam Chester, thank you so much for coming. He’s a pianist and he replaces Elton John when his band rehearses and even performs as a tribute to a musician at Madison Square Garden. Every Saturday we choose the nearest charity to help with the performance of Kowid-19 and the people affected by it. And I believe you’ve raised money for charity. The neighbors sit in the backyard and listen. So it’s obvious that they’ve played in different places. Too bad they weren’t playing anymore. And I thought, “Wouldn’t it be great to broadcast the concert from my house? It was so well received. NPR’s transcriptions are done under time pressure by Verb8tm, Inc., NPR’s contractual partner, in a hurry and are produced using a proprietary transcription process developed together with NPR.

Chester: COVID-19 Took Away