Satanists are taking aim at Twitter for muzzling their social media accounts, pressing a claim that the online forum wrongly discriminated against them after a woman threatened to burn their Salem temple to the ground.

Lucien Greaves, co-founder of The Satanic Temple, responded on Twitter that the author should be reported for promoting the arson.

The complaint states Twitter admitted no rules were broken by Greaves or the temple.

The temple is asking the commission to grant it a declaration that Twitter discriminated against it on the basis of religious creed then retaliated, attorneys fees, compensatory damages, punitive damages and – last, but not least – two blue verified checks for the organization’s Twitter accounts wronged in the saga.

“For Twitter not to take our complaint seriously when someone is calling for action against us, it seems like Twitter judging our authenticity, rendering us second-class citizens at best.”

A spokeswoman for Twitter declined comment yesterday.

Days after the Twitter threat, a man showed up at the temple with a makeshift knife and was later arrested.