Any variety of things may have occurred for him or every other player in the NFL if Bulaga had suffered a concussion before the new standardized leaguewide concussion protocol. He might have merely taken a breather.

While the Packers might be inconvenienced with the amount of guys they have going through the concussion protocol right now, players say they’re grateful for the NFL’s new policy.

In addition to physical tests, the computerized, 45-minute baseline evaluation discovers a player’s memory, concentration, reaction time, attention span and problem solving skills.

That’s what Montgomery learned while at Stanford, that not all concussions – like Bulaga’s – are obvious, and not all players demonstrate the same symptoms.

Once a concussion is diagnosed it is very very important to treat it accurately, which is why you see players miss practice and work time together with the team.

“A professional football player that says, ‘Every time I go out and play, I am frightened of getting a concussion’ – then you should not be out t,” Walter said.