“Arrow” star Colton Haynes’ beloved mother Dana died March 23 – and picking up her ashes from the crematory nearly one month later proved an intensely emotional experience for the actor.

Haynes penned a touching Instagram post Wednesday morning reflecting on the painful feelings that came with having to say goodbye to his mom, and how he cried so hard he threw up.

The actor wrote that when he eventually woke up, he headed outside for some fresh air and found a sign from his mom in the form of a rabbit.

Colton Haynes is being ‘forced to say goodbye’ to sick mother.

“This little baby rabbit walked 2 feet in front of me & we didn’t break eye contact for 20 mins. I sat on that bench with my mom’s ashes & cried so hard I threw up,” he wrote.

Haynes added that he felt compelled to share the experience because it was the “Most surreal/incredible thing” that had ever happened to him.

The 29-year-old star informed fans that his mom had lost her battle with cirrhosis of the liver and kidney failure March 23 with a sweet gallery of photos.

Haynes had previously explained he was running on limited time with Dana in a candid Instagram post Feb. 20.